Our newest internet property is Celiac-Disease.com, which was recently purchased for an undisclosed sum.   In addition to being an incredible domain name, I also had a personal interest in this domain as this disease has affected my family.

In the time since our acquisition, we have been hard at work developing this domain into what we hope to be a leading authority in the Celiac niche.  In addition to writing about the latest advancements in celiac disease diagnosis, treatment, and other related news, Celiac-Disease.com will also aim to provide a number of top resources for people adjusting to living on a gluten-free diet (which is currently the only way to treat this disease).

If you are looking for additional information about Celiac Disease in general, or resources to help follow a gluten free diet, then please check out Celiac Disease.   And as always, any feedback or suggestions for improvement of this website are appreciated.